Persistence, Perseverance & Victory

But the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth.  Mark 5:33

The woman with the issue of blood, touched the hem of Jesus’ clothes, and was healed.  Then with fear and trembling fell down before Him, making a public confession of what just happened.  The unclean made clean by a touch.  Persistent faith rewarded.

A picture of persistence and perseverance in action.  In her despair pursuing her last hope with every ounce of energy and courage she had.  No other options left.  And then victory!

What if we came to Jesus daily with persistence?  Coming faithfully to where all healing flows — from Jesus?  Reaching out, unashamed, unabandoned in our pursuit of the One who desires to be our everything?  With fear, trembling and awe falling at His feet, telling Him the truth, holding nothing back.

Our lives, our load would be so much lighter.  Our issues dried up.  Peace reigning in our hearts and lives.  Our lives a living testimony of the victory from issues we have in Jesus Christ.  Living our lives a public declaration of freedom found at the feet of Jesus.

Father increase my boldness.  Boldness to reach through the crowd, knowing a touch is enough, yet desiring daily fellowship.  Boldness to passionately pursue You, and speak Your truth.


About Altared Heart

I am the Associate Pastor at New Hope Church in Lubbock, Tx., and my desire is to share God's heart as revealed to me through His Scriptures, being an encouraging reminder of God's goodness, love, mercy & grace.
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